Yolanda M Smith

Organizations, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Yolanda M Smith's professional development and branding services. She helps teams and individuals create a strong personal brand that will help them build their businesses and enhance their careers.

The Problem

Yolanda M Smith offers professional development and branding services to organizations, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. She empowers teams and individuals to develop a powerful personal brand for business growth and career advancement. When we met Yolanda, she was strongly with her multiple offers. She was selling workshops, speaking gigs, courses, books, etc. but not generating much income from her different products/services

The Solution

We stargazed around her products and services and created a user flow that allowed her visitors to funnel down into submitting a purchase. We also having been working hands on with her email management, personal brand management and marketing campaigns.

The Results

Yolanda sold $2,500 work of tickets to her online group program that came directly from the landing page we built here. She has also had multiple gigs with Kroger, Eye For Pharma and other nationally known brands.

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